SPREAD2INNO SPREADing the global potential of developing innovation ecosystems to strengthen INNOvation in regional and local businesses
SPREAD2INNO brings together different innovation stakeholders, incubators, accelerators, businesses, research organisations, consultancies and networks. The goal is implementing a replicable programme for the provision of high-quality business services. Enforce collaboration between different entities of well-connected and less connected regional innovation ecosystems, with immediate impacts on the local and EU level.


Latest News from SPREAD2INNO

SPREAD2INNO will enhance business activities in less developed innovation regions in Bulgaria, Greece, and Italy


SPREAD2INNO will establish an online platform targeted to both business acceleration, innovation service providers, SMEs and start-ups from all over Europe

Project Objectives


qualitatively and quantitatively the needs of start-ups and SMEs located in different innovation ecosystems with regards to sectoral needs and specific financial and business services


and improve, collaborating with developed and less developed innovation ecosystems, quality, capacity, competitiveness, comprehensiveness and outreach of business acceleration services


an online cross-border single point of reference for all innovation stakeholders with regards to resources, tools and services tailored for scaling up innovative SMEs and start-ups


together regional high-potential start-ups and local stakeholders to give an impulse to improve the innovation systems in the respective regions, fostering inclusion and diversity


the sustainability of the SPREAD2INNO methodology and solutions

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