SPREAD2INNO Startup Event 2


WMF - We Make Future 2023

We are delighted to reflect on the second SPREAD2INNO startup event that took place during the renowned “We Make Future” international trade fair in Rimini. This event served as a dynamic platform for showcasing groundbreaking ideas and fostering collaboration among visionary leaders dedicated to shaping a brighter, more equitable future.

During the SPREAD2INNO event, held on 15th and 16th of June, we had the privilege of witnessing the presentations of 20 exceptional companies. These chosen companies demonstrated their remarkable innovative and sustainable solutions, each given a 15-minute slot to captivate the audience and industry experts with their groundbreaking ideas.

The event was a resounding success, with participating companies showcasing a diverse range of forward-thinking solutions to address pressing challenges. The presentations were marked by their creativity, ingenuity, and commitment to making a meaningful social and innovative impact, often focused on the area of “Space Economy”. 

Following the presentations, a rigorous selection process took place to identify the most promising companies for the SPREAD2INNO acceleration program. These selected companies now have the opportunity to further develop their projects and gain access to the SPREAD2INNO Innovation Academy. The SPREAD2INNO acceleration program aims to provide these companies with the necessary resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to propel their ideas to new heights.

In addition to the pitches, the event featured informative workshops led by experts from the world of innovation. These workshops provided participants with valuable insights into the fundamentals of company growth. Topics covered included sales and marketing strategies, the importance of networking and effective pitching, as well as discussions on branding and patent-related matters.

Attendees of the SPREAD2INNO event were not only treated to an exceptional showcase of innovation but also gained free access to the broader “We Make Future” 2023 trade fair. This allowed them to explore a vibrant ecosystem of exhibitors, cutting-edge technologies, and possible collaborations. 

As we reflect on the success of the second SPREAD2INNO startup event, we are inspired by the immense potential and transformative power of innovation. We look forward to continuing this journey and fostering further collaborations in the pursuit of closing the geographical innovation gap in the European Union.


June 15th - 17th

WMF - We Make Future 2023



Italian Exhibition Group - Fiera di Rimini

155 Via Emilia
47921 Rimini




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These 20 dynamic companies presented their innovative ideas during our event in Italy. All of them are driving positive change and creating sustainable solutions. Learn more about them by clicking on the logos.