SPREAD2INNO Press Release Sixth Local Event Turin

SPREAD2INNO: Boosting innovation in Turin, Italy

Closing off its series of local startup event across Bulgaria, Greece, and Italy that took place within the past year, SPREAD2INNO recently held its Sixth Local Startup Event in Turin, Italy, on April 4-5, 2024. The event was hosted by the 8th edition of the Spring of Innovation event, the annual conference of Fondazione E. Amaldi. Grappling with crucial technological challenges and serving as a transfer exhibition for knowledge and innovation, this year’s edition of Italy’s Primavera dell’Innovazione (the “Spring of Innovation”) was focussed on “Innovation and Sustainability for Space”, allowing participants to present cutting-edge technology and eco-sustainable solutions for space exploration. As part of the event, 20 startups from Italy received the opportunity to present their innovative ideas in front of an excited audience and to create valuable connections with stakeholders, experts and investors from the innovation ecosystem.


Over two days, the event featured a series of highly relevant and engaging sessions, dealing with topics such as artificial intelligence, sustainability, space applications, health, biomaterials, bone tissue engineering, and more. Through the combined efforts of Fondazione E. Amaldi, the co-organisers (LINKS Foundation, Polo di Innovazione ICT, CTE Next and Hypatia Research Consortium), the SPREAD2INNO Project, and the OSTEONET Project, the following sessions took place as part of Spring of Innovation 2024 and thus of the 6th Local event:

·         Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation

·         Spatialisation

·         ClimateTech

·         Space Applications

·         Poster Exhibition

·         Round table: Exploring the Pathophysiology of Bone: the Gap between Bone Health and Space Challenges

·         Round table: Musculoskeletal tissues: biological aspects and regenerative process

·         Round table: Biomaterials and new technologies for bone tissue engineering: How suitable in the absence of gravity?

·         Round table: Space Investing

·         Round table: Bioreactors, tools and devices for regenerative medicine

·         Round table: Potential use cases for Regenerative Medicine in Space

·         2 rounds of Pitch Competitions

·         Award Ceremony of the Pitching Competition

Pitch competition and participating startups

During the pitch competition hosted by SPREAD2INNO, 16 innovative startups from the fields of health, space, climate and artificial intelligence presented their company and business solutions to an international audience of experts and investors and were able to enlarge their professional networks.

The following startups participated in the pitch session. Click on their names to learn more!

·         Stratobotic

·         MESPAC

·         Terroir from Space

·         Edukai

·         4 Spark

·         Dropper

·         FFBS – Fashion for Biodiversity Solutions

·         Planet

·         Visidea

·         O-Boot

·         Seere

·         Enercade

·         HAIKAI

·         2NDSPACE

·         Capsule Corporation

·         SaferPlaces

Out of the 16 startups that presented their businesses, four standout companies were selected by a high-level jury as winners and received the access for the Phase II of the SPEAD2INNO programme: the SPREAD2INNO Innovation Academy. Congratulations to MESPAC, Capsule Corporation, HAIKAI and SaferPlaces!

The 6th Local Startup Event was a great success, and provided a satisfying end to the series of local events hosted by the project. Take a look at our previous events (https://www.spread2inno.eu/startup-events/) and their attending startups! Having now successfully completed this first phase of the project, SPREAD2INNO moves forward with its Innovation Academies, 2 two-day  events dedicated to the 24 winners of the six pitch competitions: 13-14 June 2024 in Italy and 20-21 June in Bulgaria.

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