Project clustering with the S3E Project

Ongoing collaboration, networking and clustering with other projects and initiatives is a great way to maximise impact and reach as many stakeholders as possible. To this end, SPREAD2INNO has established its collaboration with the S3E – Southern European Entrepreneurship Engine project. Together, they are on a mission to support start-ups and build strong innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystems in southern and eastern European countries.

The S3E Project

S3E is an EU-funded project managed by four partners from Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain. Together, the partners aim to accelerate deep tech projects, start-ups and SMEs that can impact social development and economic growth in these countries, and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through its three programmes, S3E empowers different stakeholders:

  • S3E Start: Providing skills to researchers and technology transfer actors in science-based entrepreneurship and technology commercialisation
  • S3E Charge: Supporting start-ups in business development and procuring investment
  • S3E Reverse: Connect challenges from corporates with solutions from and scale-ups/SMEs


SPREAD2INNO is an EU-funded project with a consortium of seven partners, aiming to enhance business activities in less developed innovation regions in Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. To this end, SPREAD2INNO hosts local events providing insights into networking and opportunities across Europe, as well as two intensive educational training academies and a one-week business case and investor training for finalists. Additionally, SPREAD2INNO is providing an online platform targeted to business acceleration, innovation service providers, start-ups and SMEs across Europe.

Check it out!

The S3E Start Open Call #2 is currently still open for application until 12 January, 2024. The programme helps research teams and tech transfer offices to explore the commercial viability of their deep tech projects. Through an 18-week online training programme, the selected research teams will learn first-hand about the processes required to develop a business case for science-based products or services. The teams will be paired with a mentor who will give them 1-1 support and mentorship and will also have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors at the end of the programme. Check it out here: https://south3e.eu/apply-now/

More opportunities from SPREAD2INNO and S3E will open soon – stay tuned and don’t miss it!

Violeta Edited question December 18, 2023