SPREAD2INNO Kick-off Meeting – February 2nd and 3rd, 2023

The kick-off meeting of the SPREAD2INNO project took place on February 2nd and 3rd, 2023. The successful event was organized by Fondazione E. Amaldi at the Italian Space Agency. During the kick-off meeting, the project partners presented their organisations, experiences, expertise and planned actions for the individual work packages and contributions to the SPREAD2INNO project. Finally, the partners exchanged interesting ideas and engaged in open discussions about the planned work and future actions.

The project

The primary objective of SPREAD2INNO is to address the geographical innovation gap within the EU resulting from the uneven development and connectivity of various regions in Europe. The project aims to achieve this by implementing a working program and carrying out various activities that help less developed innovation ecosystems to adopt innovative practices, making them more appealing to global companies and leveraging the potential of local ecosystems. Through these efforts, SPREAD2INNO seeks to promote greater balance between and enhance the competitiveness of European innovation ecosystems.

The consortium

The consortium consists of seven partners from six European countries (Austria, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, and Belgium), who combine their expertise in areas such as research or technology transfer, innovation acceleration, creation of innovation systems, investment, incubations, financial strategy, communication, dissemination, and business scaling. By integrating the expertise and perspective of each partner, the consortium can ensure an optimal support for the project’s aims.

Social Media

SPREAD2INNO Twitter: https://twitter.com/SPREAD2INNO_EU

SPREAD2INNO LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/spread2inno-project/


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