SPREAD2INNO Press Release Fourth Local Event Sofia

SPREAD2INNO Returns with Another Successful Local Event in Bulgaria

SPREAD2INNO made a triumphant return with its local event in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 2-3, 2023, hosted by Cleantech Bulgaria at the Networking Premium Coworking Space Art Hall in Bulgaria.

Building on the success of its previous edition, this event once again brought together an array of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and innovation enthusiasts. Attendees delved into insightful workshops, gaining valuable knowledge on growth fundamentals, accelerator programs, and effective pitching strategies.

The vibrant atmosphere of the Networking Premium Coworking Space Art Hall proved to be the perfect backdrop for fostering connections and collaboration. Networking breaks and lunches offered participants the chance to mingle, exchange ideas, and expand their professional networks. As a result, numerous collaborations and connections were forged, paving the way for future partnerships and growth opportunities within the dynamic startup ecosystem.

Growth Company Fundamentals: Understanding the Fundamentals of Scaling a Business

The participants immersed themselves in a workshop focused on the essentials of scaling a business sustainably. From achieving product-market fit to crafting a comprehensive growth strategy, participants gained valuable insights into the fundamental elements critical for success.

Business Model Discovery

In this workshop, entrepreneurs delved into the intricacies of discovering and refining their business models. The session emphasized the importance of a clear and concise business model for startups, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of essential elements such as revenue generation, cost management, and scalability. Through interactive exercises and expert guidance, attendees honed their skills in crafting business models that align with their overall growth objectives.

The Perfect Pitch: Crafting a Compelling Pitch to Investors

A second workshop guided participants through the art of creating compelling pitches that resonate with investors. From the importance of storytelling to the elements of a successful pitch, attendees honed their skills in capturing investor interest and support.

Panel session on Connecting Innovation Ecosystems: How to grow in Europe? Successful practices for supporting the innovation ecosystems in Europe

The Roundtable discussion, expertly moderated by Mariyana Hamanova, Executive Director at Cleantech Bulgaria, brought together a panel of distinguished plenary speakers. This lineup included:

  • Henry Nicolai Buxmann, Research Associate at FRAUNHOFER IPK;
  • Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos, Senior Engineer, Patras Science Park
  • Kristina Eskenazi, Chairwoman of Health & Life Sciences; and
  • Mariyan Marinov, Business Development Manager at Sofia Tech Park.

The dynamic panel session addressed the crucial topic of connecting innovation ecosystems in Europe. All speakers shared successful practices for supporting innovation, fostering growth, and expanding businesses across the European landscape. The session provided attendees with valuable insights into navigating the diverse innovation ecosystems within the continent.

Strategic Partnerships

Building Collaborative Relationships for Scaling Entrepreneurs explored the transformative power of strategic partnerships in scaling their ventures. The workshop delved into the identification and vetting of potential partners, emphasizing the strategic approach needed to ensure lasting and mutually beneficial collaborations.

The pitching competition

The biggest highlight of the SPREAD2INNO event was again the pitching competition. In this edition, all participating companies had the chance to present their business and their pitch to be evaluated by the jury.

  • ParaWaste presented their solution for reducing waste, one step at a time.
  • Water Fuel Engineering is a cutting-edge research and development company that is revolutionising the way we think about energy and health.
  • Telos Chat provides an intelligent chatbot for construction companies.
  • Mealprot are implementing rearing process of the mealworms Tenebrio Molitor and process 10 final products for different industries.
  • ATL Materials specializes in the trading of used building materials.
  • Ridotek is a digital twin platform for smart water management.
  • Solumar provides a novel Exhaust gas filtering technology that cuts 92-99% of all emissions (PM, VOCs, GHG) combined, with a single compact unit, retrofittable to any emitting source, no matter the size, type, and nominal airflow.
  • BuddyGuard makes sure that your pets are getting the needed attention, play, care and love in the comfort zone of their home, while you are away.
  • io is offering an AI Chatbot for your website.
  • Relaxify develops new techniques for self-improvement, finding balance and feeling empowered, with a daily mental health program tailored to your needs.
  • Voltrax offers Battery solutions for wide range of applications.
  • Fairytales supports all characters from your favorite children’s fairytales to come to life in their app.
  • Green Gold International has focus on innovative circular economy processing of wine-making residues by transforming the by-products generated by wineries into oil and biofuels.
  • ArchiStone supports innovation in healthy living.
  • NanoBioRem creates active biocomponents and nanotransport factors to solve critical skin problems.
  • Golden snail (Aleks 1977) offers innovative cosmetic products and nutritional supplements based on researched biocomponents.
  • BusinessLab develops natural product for prevention and suppression of side effects in chemotherapy treatment.
  • Bio compounds has a patent for four extracts from the mucus of garden snails Helix aspersa, containing various biocomponents (peptides, enzymes, acids, oligosaccharides, soluble proteins, etc.) and methods for their preparation.
  • Thermoodit provides technical analysis of photovoltaic panels
  • StraySheep signposts bridges between the Deaf and Hearing.

In total, five startups were selected to continue to Phase 2 of the project and participate in the SPREAD2INNO European Academies, namely: Solumar, Mealprot, Ridotek, Relaxify, Golden snail (Aleks1977).

SPREAD2INNO remains committed to providing a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and growth within the Bulgarian startup community. The success of this local event underscores the continued importance of such gatherings in fueling innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development.

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